Friday, 25 June 2010

20100625 car ride

I hardly drive.  And my parking sucks.  And having a kid behind threatening to do a 'incredible hulk tear off his shirt' stunt with her car seat constraints adds to the stress (so does having a long queue of cars behind me).

Recently, papa had some parking issues at his customer site, and so left the car at my mom's place so that I can drive Kate home at night.

On the first night, while driving into the multi storey car park, she said :

"Mommy, don't park for 3 hours OK?"

p/s fortunately I figured out what she was saying the next day when she said "dont' park for 3 hours, park for 1 hour." She mean minutes! :P

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

20100623 mommy's thoughts

Three months since the last 'mommy's thoughts'.

First of all, terrible three is still here.

Thankfully, she (while still struggling, protesting, taking her own sweet time, complaining before and after every mouth, running around the house, turning her head left and right to avoid the spoon, etc) is still consuming rice.  And on certain days when she thinks mommy is the evil rice mother, she will say that she want porpor to feed (thank goodness my mother have more patience than me!). And she must eat in front of the TV.  When will I ever get her to eat at the dining table??? *sigh*

And TV?  Previously she is fighting with her papa everyday after we reach home cos she will want to watch her kiddy videos and he will want to watch his cable TV.  So now I bring 1 DVD to my parent's place everyday for her to watch, usually while having her dinner (see headache above).  Did I say I got 2 kids? The eldest is already in his 30s, if you get what I mean.

And thank goodness for for okto channel, which while still showing some not-so-suitable cartoons (SpongeBob, Mr Bean, etc), they have Fingertips too :P  And of course, all this are better than that never-ending Chinese show 'Your hand in mine'.  She still like watching her Wheel of Fortune though, her favourite since her bbsitted days.

Added new routine at porpor's place which is to bath her because everyone complained that her hair stinks.  I only found out later that sometimes even the auntie in childcare did not wash her hair on those hair washing designated days as she protested too much.

Kate's school taught them about feelings, and now she will occasionally ask me "mommy, are you happy?" or "mommy, can you smile?" especially when I am not smiling.  Or "I don't want you to be angry" when she knows that I am angry.

She figured out how to pout.  And do that very often nowadays, usually breaking into a wide grin just half a second later.

And when I told her that I am going somewhere (eg, meeting my friends), she will say in a bossy tone "I go with YOU!".

She finally made us understand via her words and gestures (she is still not good at verbalising things that are not often said) why she does not like to be carried by papa. Because he is taller and therefore her arms got tired easily when she hang her arm over his neck/shoulder.

She still plays with her PSP or handphone games in the car/public transport and sometimes try to bargain for more time outside the car.

Ever since a illness (which include throwing up) about 2 months ago, her milk intake had dropped from 8 oz to 5 oz. :(  Cannot secretly increase the dosage as she scoops her own milk powder.

Her favorite website is and she will bargain with me ("mommy said stop then stop OK" repeating word by word what I told her) at the carpark on the way home if she wanted to play Miffy game that night.

She still loved to dance, including leapfrog dances (she will dance together with frogs while watching Word Caper).  She has such endless energy....

She still cries easily and get upset when her routine are changed.

We still rush through trying to get 'everything' done every night.

She still bargains with me on how many books to read almost every night (and usually I will give in since the time is better spent reading than bargaining).

She is still echoing and repeating phrases wholesale for those people that noticed.

Neonat said maybe she can be discharged in 6 months time if her speech improves and everything else is status quo (they have given up on her to be the same size as her peers :P)

added 20100625 : forget to add.  She redeveloped her fear for auto flush toilet after one (at KKH) was triggered when she was sitting on it.  So now she will refuse to sit on the public toilet bowl if she saw that it is one equipped with 'blink blink (sensor lights)'.

Monday, 21 June 2010

20100620 sleepover


It is the June holidays, and some of us decided to have a sleepover at 三姨姨's place.  However, due to the last minute planning, we are unable to book a BBQ pit to BBQ dinner.  The next best thing? McDonald's!!! :P

On Saturday, 三姨姨 went to the nearby supermarket to stock up on the food.  We are supposed to join her for the grocery shopping but everyone was late so we only meet her after that.  Mommy did not drive there which is a blessing in disguise as the parking is full at the shopping center (二姨姨, who was driving,  have to wait for 20minutes before she allowed to drive into the carpark!).

Dinner is at the nearby McDonald's.  Parking is full (alot of people went there to watch the World Cup matches), but luckily there are empty car parks lots outside.  Everyone have dinner at the McDonald's and then the younger kids go to the playground inside McDonald's to play.  After that, everyone went to the playground at the nearby park to play some more (the aim is to make them tired so that they will sleep! :P)

After all the playing, everyone went to 三姨姨's place and the sleepover started!  Let the pictures tell the story....

Lots of toys there for the kids playing and 大姨姨 distributed the souvenirs she had gotten for everyone during her recent tour.

So what is everyone crowing around for?  Its the donation card from Nicole's school! The parents contribute the money, and the kids tried to sign/initial their names! :P

Janice distributed bubble gum and then entrtained the younger kids with her bubble blowing skills when 大姨姨 showed us the pictures she had taken during her recent Turkey trip.

Yucky and sticky!!!!

But she has her fans in the form of Kate and Charlie who keep asking for more (via Janice's mommy)!

After the pictures, its time for movies... those with sleeping bags began to lay out the sleeping bag.  Packets of titbits and turkish delights are laid out as everyone settled down to watch Kaiji - the Utimate gambler (not nice..)

The kids checking out each other's sleepwear...(yes, Kate is into nose-digging nowadays)

End of pictures for day 1.

Kate refuses to go to sleep even though she is tired.  She was overstimulated and wanted to go home, but it was past midnight and all the public transport service had stopped for the day.  She even cried, saying that she wanted to go back to 'No 4' (we live on the 4th floor) and that she wants to go back to be with daddy (she never miss papa even when he worked on his night shift).  However, that was only on and off, and we did not go home.

She also cannot sleep, insisted on waiting until the show (yes that Kaiji movie) is over, and all the lights are off before she decided that she is not going to miss out any fun, and that its finally time to sleep.  Almost everyone sleep in the living room, on the sofa, in their sleeping bags, and on mattresses dragged from the room, except for Kate, mommy and 三姨姨 who shared the master room.

We lighted glowing sticks to be placed around the house just in case someone wanted to get out in the middle of the night to use the toilet and then up stepping on someone else :P

Picture time again....

Next morning, we had pancakes for breakfast.....

this is a picture of Julia and 二姨姨 frying the pancakes... Julia is looking more and more like her mommy and sometimes we will turn and talk to her thinking that she is her mommy only to realise otherwise!

Then, the kids watch some disney cartoons before everyone went for a swim in the pool! The water is cold though the sun is blazing, but the kids enjoy themselves very much.

After the swim, its time for lunch which is spaghetti wth minced meat and ham and hot dog and tomato sauce. 

After that, Julia finally got her wish of watching a horror show, and everyone watched a Korean horror show Possessed, but stopped halfway when Papa came to fetch Kate and mommy home.

That's the end of Kate's first sleepover!

20100602 four....

Found this in Kate's file... the school has been teaching them writing.. and this time its the chinese word 'four'.

Look at how her writing 'progresses'.  Most probably the teacher was guiding her at the beginning but afterwards let her write on her own.

So in the end (the last cell) it was looking more like a heart shape window with curtains ;P

Friday, 4 June 2010

kids say the darnest thing...

Incident 1 - Charlie was explaining why her daddy was taking a nap at po po's place before dinner.

Charlie : my daddy sleep very late.  He watch tv until very late.
Kate (limited vocab) : my daddy NEVER sleep
Charlie : .......


Incident 2 - Kate playing with herself, alternating between speaking for Legoman (yes, blame the mommy for the lack of imagination, she just tell K the name is legoman) and his horse.
Kate (Legoman to horse) : I don't friend you
Kate (horse to legoman) : no, I want to be your friend
Kate (legoman to horse) : I don't want to friend you
Mommy to papa : see? This is what she learns in school
Kate (horse to legoman) : I want to friend you
Kate (legoman to horse) : I don't friend you.  You are gay.
Mommy : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Incident 3 - mommy in the bathroom with K during that time of the month...
Kate (very excited) : mommy, you got pampers!!!!

Talking about having something in common.... *roll my eyes*