Thursday, 9 August 2012

Author - Laurence Anholt

For parents who are sick of the usual fairy tales (like me), check out Laurence Anholt.

He is a UK author who had written many story books, many of them award winning, and he had a series called seriously silly books, which he reinvent fairy tales into stories with other meanings.

The first book K read from the series was Ghostyshocks and The Three Scares, which had Ghostyshocks, a timid girl, who made friends with 3 scary bears.

Next we borrowed Eco-Wolf And the 3 Pigs which turned the usual good-pigs-bad-wolf story inside out.

She is now reading her 3rd seriously silly book called Shampoozel (see small snapshot below).

All seriously silly, and can be found in the national library.

p/s to those who are wondering why my updates are so few and in between nowadays, I had changed my job and this new job is taking up far much more time than expected.  Alas! The troubles of working mothers!