Saturday, 19 May 2012

20120513 library books

K loves to read.

And on Mother's Day, when mommy borrowed new books from the library, she just could not wait until we reach home.

p/s one of her favourite phrase nowadays is 'But I can't wait' (aka impatient)
pp/s while she can read simple English books on her own, she still need mommy to read Chinese books to her.  Hopefully she will be able to read Chinese books independently soon!

1) reading while waiting for the food

2) eating and reading at the same time

3) holding the book while walking.  Sometimes she will wrap the book around her body.

4) reading on the escalator

20120422 K's first rainbow

Took public transport to Popo's place, and when we are running in (about 15 minutes from bus stop to Popo's place), it was drizzling lightly and we saw a rainbow!

This is K's first rainbow, btw, so mommy just had to take a snapshot. :) 

Still don't know how to rotate a photo in blogger though :P


20120421 shavings

K had a few enrichment classes, and most of them require the use of pencils, and sometimes, colour pencils.

So on weekends, Mommy will try to sharpen the pencils and colour pencils when she remembered so that K will not run out of pencils/colour pencils during class.

Below is a snapshoot taken of the pencial shavings.  Just thought that the picture looks nice :P

The drawing on the paper is drawn by K using black marker.


20120406 First Pet

K's child care brought them to the Animal Resort.

Mommy should have known something like this will happen when she picked up K from child care the evening before and see bags of fish lying on a table near to the door.

So when mommy went to po po's place on that Friday evening, Po po told mommy that she brought fish home. K's first pets!

And according to Po po, while she was busy preparing dinner, the girl opened up the rubber band securing the plastic bag of fish and walk around the house swinging the plastic bag.

The poor fish must have seen their lives flash before their eyes. There are about 5 of them? With one that is very fat.

Anyway, the general consensus was that they won't last very long, so mommy just borrow a plastic container from Popo.

Imagine the next morning when daddy said that the fish had given birth (and 2 adults died)! So suddenly we have about 30 baby fish on our hands, and Mommy had no idea what to do next.

Daddy went back to work, and while K is having her enrichment class, mommy had to rush back to Popo's place to get a small fish tank, plus buy baby fish food, and grass for oxygen.

By the time they reach home, one of the adult fish had jumped out of the temporary home (see first picture for temporary home) and the mommy fish had given birth to more baby fish.

temporary home

Shifted the baby fish to the fish tank. Another adult fish died, then in the end even the mama fish died, so only the baby fish is left.

K is not really interested in them.  At the beginning she will ask for permission to feed them.  And she will stand on her stool and peep into the tank sometimes (especially when we told her some fish had died).  But all in all, mommy don't think she is ready for pets.

As for the baby fish, sometimes a few of them will die, so very soon, K's first pets might be no more.
fish tank for baby fish