Monday, 10 January 2011

20110108 mommy's thoughts

About 6 months since my last mommy's thoughts.

The lucky gal had gone overseas twice since then.

At my mother's place, my mother is now the main person to feed her.
She prefers my sister (3rd yee yee) than me when we go cos  my sister is really really patient and good with kids.

KKH did a speech assessment for her and she is about average for her age for receptive and below average for receptive. 

I baked with her again (chewy chocolate cookies, yummy!) and this time around she is more daring to participate, helping me with the mixer to mix the ingredients and also to scoop into the tray.  And of course, EAT..ahahhaha.  The daddy is not happy with the mess that comes with it though...

carrying a heavy tray of chewy chocolate cookies
She had started on her first enrichment lesson - music appreciation class.  At first she cling onto me for every lesson, but after about 4 lessons or so, she began to loosen up and is now enjoying her music lessons (though doing homework is still a struggle on certain days!)

Kathleen dressed up as fireman during music class to learn F for fireman
Got a potty for her, and in the end still have to switch her FM to Nan HA so that she is less constipated.  She got potty trained, and then in KL, managed to get her to use the toilet bowl, so now she is kind of fully toilet trained (just need mommy to support her to ensure she did not fall into the toilet bowl!).  And she is also off diapers at night so yipee!!!! Hope this will maintain .... can save the earth with one or two less diapers each day :)

But personality-wise, she is still a shy little girl who seemed to be bullied and dare not speak up (and get ignored even she dare to!).  Even her teacher feedback during the parent-teacher meeting that she got low confidence... sighhh...

At night, she likes to to sleep next to me, and hug each other or hold hands before she fall asleep.  I still pat her to sleep, yep, abit too indulgence, but she is my only child, and this is only chance I will get to pat a little kid to sleep right?  Of course on most nights I will be so tired I will sleep before her! :P [ ooppss bad luck.. was typing this and she had nightmares from skipping nap and overstimulation... she had not have this for almost a year!]

For the just ended Christmas, she knew how to ask for present.  She still does not know how to convey her wish list (if she has any), but while seeing me wrapping the presents for her cousins, she asked something like 'where is my present'.  I told her 'its that piano in the room'.  She said ' that one, this one (kind)' pointing at the half-wrapped presents on the floor [in the end daddy and i wrapped some the new clothes that we have bought for her as a present].

Her cousins laughed at her constant wrong usage of english.  (ask vs tell, for vs against).  I wonder if the more advanced kids in her class laughed at her too when she uses the wrong words, and I wonder how she felt and if it breaks her heart the same way it breaks mine.

We had finally finished reading all the Buzzy (author : Harriet Ziefret) books and are now onto the rest of her non-Buzzy books.

I have started her on Peter and Jane series (only at book 1) but of course the girl still prefers me to read while she look at the pictures.

My sister passed me a training bicycle and she is starting to ride on it though she still preferred her toddler tricycle.

This year, I hope that she will outgrow her fear of auto flush toilets, and that I will be able to persuade her to learn swimming! :P  And of course, to 'eat more, sleep more, study more, and grow taller!' (something I told her many times each week).