Saturday, 27 February 2010

20100226 kate using laundry

Kathleen always like to do 'adult chores', be it preparing her own powder, helping with put clothes into the laundry bags, and the more babyish things such like pressing the lift buttons.

Here is a video taken of her helping mommy to put the clothes into the laundry bag.  On a regular day, she will put the clothes into the bag, zip it up, ensure that the zipper head is in the 'pocket' (to prevent the zip from being undone when it is in the washing machine), and then drop it into the washing machine.  But with the video on, she is more hesitant in her actions.

Notice how, near the end, she was trying so hard to push the corner of the laundry bag into the washing bag.


Friday, 12 February 2010

20100212 mommy's thoughts

Yesterday at the reunion dinner, she got a red packet with a picture of tigger (its the year of the tiger next year) doing a handstand.  She loves tigger.

Me : look! Its tigger!

Then after some fussing.

Kate : Tigger is hot!
Me : why?

She was unable to answer. Was it because the packet is red in colour? was it because Tigger is not wearing any clothes?

After some more attempts in answering ...

Kate : Tigger has a hat.

The tigger has one of those chinese round hat/cap on.  And then it dawn on me that she thinks Tigger is feeling hot because the tigger has a hat on, and Kate herself always ask for her hat when we went out under the hot sun (and I always tell her that she must put her hat on when its hot).

What a lesson in looking from different angles. :)

Monday, 8 February 2010

20100207 Dino park and Jurong Bird Park

The extended family had bought the tickets to the Dino Prk since the beginning but never manage to arrange a time to go.

As the show will be ending soon, we have to (by hook or crook) go, and even knowing that it will be a disappointment as feedback by many other mommies.

So on a Sunday morning, the 3 families arranged to meet at the Jurong Bird Park.

The dinosaurs are mostly stationary, some of them not moving, some with abit of mechanical parts (blinking eyes, moving heads or tails).  Some mommies have talked about a guided tour which (thankfully) we did not encounter as mommy cannot imagine the rowdy kids having to follow a guide throughout the whole place!


The staff made the kids stand in front of this poster of a dino (t rex? don't ask me!) to take a photo which interested people can buy at the exit counter later.

Dino with moving eyes, head and tail.

We were asked to go into a 'tent' which will have a moving dinosaur.  Charlie is too afraid to go in so her mommy has to keep her company outside.

The moving dinosaur, which is a poor staff dressed in a dino costume and just walking around and swaying to the music.

More pics...with Kate eating her half-eaten breakfast... ahahhaa


'fossil' digging area.  After the kids are gone, the staff will scoop the sand to cover the 'fossils' again for the next group of children.
After visiting the dino park, Charlie left with her parents as she had a persistent cough and need to see a doctor which only opened half a day.  The rest then proceed to the Jurong Bird Park.
This is Kate at the toilet near to Bongo restaurant.  

The birds...



Kids' bird show with some tourist participating.  Janice wanted to participate very much but seems that they usually choose tourists to participate.

After the show.  The bird park is decorated with alot of Chinese-y in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year.
walking up a slope.  One of those rare moments which Kate does not asked to be carried.


Kate walked away shyly as she realised that mommy wanted to take her picture.


 The lory aviary.  Kate managed to have hands on experience in feeding the birds as Janice shared her cup of bird water (sweetened, according to a staff) with her and yuan yuan.

A video of her feeding the birds...the expression on her face is priceless...


A picture of Kate's plasters as she fell earlier on while chasing after her older cousins.


Birds and buddies show which was delayed due to the rain.  And started with a flock of birds flying from one side of the stage to the another, and then the flamingoes going onstage

A pair of toucans...

Kate enjoying the show very much. She is now much older than the last time and appreciate the show more...

After the show, it rained again, and Janice and Yuan yuan changed and played at the water area while the rest sit under the shelter.  This picture is taken by Kate cos she wanted to take a pic of papa walking back to the shelter from the toilet.  But after that, when she off the camera, the camera jammed and is spoilt. :(

We went for abit of food (burgers, fries and Ben and Jerry's) after that before going home.  All in all, Kate enjoyed the outing very much. :)