Sunday, 18 September 2011

20110809 zoo

The cousins went to the zoo on National Day.  The zoo was super crowded when we first arrived, which is not surprising as it was a public holiday. 

We walked into the zoo, seeing exhibits along the way before reaching the elephant enclosure for the elephant show.

The elephants pretending to be helicopters with their trunks as the propellers
water break after the elephant show
Then, we went to watch the Rainforest fights back.  After that, Janice and yy queued up so that they have a photo taken with the snake (Janice loves reptiles).  Kathleen and Charlie are not interested of course. [Note : on a subsequent visit to the Science Centre, Kathleen was brave enough to stroke a bigger species of cockroach (which is so big it looks more like a beetle) which was available for touching after an insect talk]

Looking bored while waiting for Janice

Posing for photo with the snake around Janice's neck

yy given a chance to touch the snake too
Even si yiyi (4th aunt) give it a try!

We then walk some more before going to the KFC at the waterplay area for late lunch.  It was crowded but luckily we managed to get some seats close together.  After lunch, it was waterplay!  There are so many people that the water looks dirty (blackish in colour) but the kids are oblivious to that.  They spent at least one hour there playing non stop.

Kathleen initially only wanted to play the slides (handsome young man helping out there which she still talked about  now :P) (very nice of the zoo to send crew there to maintain order) but with Charlie around, she was still adventurous enough to run around the other water features and even sit on the foam ground waiting for water to pour down from the buckets above!

She went down this slide at least 50 times?
Running through the rings spraying water.  It looks as if Kathleen is pulling Charlie along, but in actual fact, she is just more afraid of the spraying water than her cousin and therefore run faster :P

It was such a hot and crowded day that when the yee yees went back to KFC to buy more drinks, they found out that most of the drinks have been sold out (bad planning on KFC's part)!

After the waterplay, we went for the newly revamped show at the water play area.  The animals are still not very familiar with their parts, and it was funny seeing the crew unable to make the dogs do whatever they are supposed to do, and one dog even pee-ed in front of the audience! :P

During the show, Kathleen felt very tired and we left after the show with si yiyi, Charlie and yy, while energetic san yiyi and Janice continue to roam around the premises.