Saturday, 11 October 2014

20140727 Sound of Music

Sound of music!

Me and mommy.

Me,mommy and si yi yi(si yi yi does not want to be with us).

Waiting for the show to start.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

20140611 - South Australia Day 10 - Return to SIngapore

We are back in Singapore! (3rd Yee yee came to the airport to welcome us back)

20140610 South Australia Day 9 - Adelaide free and easy (Adelaide Central Market and Haig's chocolate tour and Rundle Mall)

I had chocolate donut  and hot chocolate for breakfast.  Mommy had muffin.

Mommy : Adelaide city has bicycle lanes and also a space in front of each traffic junction for bicycles

Mommy : General Post Office.  Beautiful old architecture.  On our way to take a bus to Haigh's chocolate tour

We had rice with soup in Central Market for lunch

Here is the tram.  We paid ..... $0 as travel is free within the city area.

20140609 South Australia Day 8 - Adelaide day tour to Barossa, Adelaide Hills and Handorf

This tree is more than 30 years old (mommy : think more than that)

Flowers! There are more photos of flowers below

Woof woof! Baa baa!

The panda and me

20140608 South Australia Day 7 - Kangaroo Island and Adelaide City

This is Po Po's lunch - the first Chinese food after so many days

This is our bedroom in Franklin Central Apartments, Adelaide City

A view of the self contained kitchen and the sofa bed which is in front of the TV

Chinese food for dinner

Me dancing in the apartment at night with my flower hat and bolster

20140607 South Australia Day 6 - Kangaroo Island free and easy

Playground time! (never know that there are playgrounds in Australia)

Fly, fly, fly, the butterfly ............


20140606 South Australia Day 5 - Kangaroo Island

Today is day 2 of our tour on Kangaroo Island

 Mommy's note : A visit to the Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Distillery
This is me on a decommissioned horse carriage

Mommy's note : Next, Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

The wallaby is so cute.
The peacock is so colourful.  It's like the colours of the rainbow

Here are two photos of a koala

Kangaroos hop.  They love eating food.  

Here is a photo of their food.

Po Po's hand had some food.  She wanted to pass it to me, but the kangaroo wanted to eat it.  So the kangaroo held Po Po's hand to eat the food.

I felt that no one gave this kangaroo any food.  Me feeding a lying down kangaroo.

One of the kangaroos was eating the food in my hand while the other one was staring at Mommy.

Remarkable Rocks  - full of rocks!

Look at the lighthouse.  It looks like the lighthouse in my school crest.

Next place - Admiral's Arch - where we can also see New Zealand fur seals.
Kathleen's note : there is a long flight of stairs to reach the end.  After that, I got to climb up again.

Mommy's note : last stop of the day - Hanson Bay Wildlife Santuary

Two videos of the kangaroos.