Saturday, 4 September 2010

20100830 Jurong Bird Park

The child care center is closed for two days, and so mommy brought Kate and popo to the Jurong Bird Park for a visit.

The penguin enclosure was closed for upgrading, but anyway Kate's main interest is the bird shows.  So we went from one bird show to another, and manage to catch the parrot show for children, birds and buddies and the birds of prey show despite the occasional showers.

Kate happy in her raincoat given by Auntie Winifred
   We also managed to have spend some time at the lory loft which $3 will allow you to get a half-cup of bird liquid feed.
Kate feeding the parrots with the liquid feed

Popo's turn to hold the feed and she got a surprise when one of the parrots decided to stand on her shoulder instead!

3 parrots drinking from the same cup.  It must be a slow day!

posing with the parrots after the birds and buddies show
And of course Kate gets to eat some ice cream.  All in all a tiring but satisfying day! :)