Tuesday, 26 January 2010


On a hot afternoon, crazy mommy (on a bet on her back) decided to bring Kate to the MacRitchie Reservoir for a short visit.  Mommy rattled off alot about reservoirs and how the water will go to the tap, but not sure how much Kate absorbed.

It was hot, and the walk from bus stop to the shaded areas in the reservoir felt like eternity.  We went to the central pavilion (whatever you call it) and sit for a while enjoying the wind for a while before going home.

There was a surprise though.  We saw many monkeys in the reservoir!  First time Kate see monkeys so close to her.  :)

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

20100112 mommy's thoughts

End of a year, beginning of another one.

I ended the year with a visit to neonat clinic K at KKH.

Doctor's verdict?  She managed to put on a bit of weight and so there is no need to see the dietitian for the time being.

Beginning of the year started with an appointment to her speech therapist.  She can differentiate long and short, big and small now.  But still got homework as usual.  And the therapist still think that its good to continue to monitor her.

Back at home, her 2 best friends are now Elmo and Bear bear (basically all the bears at home are called Bear Bear).  They will join us for bedtime reading, and I also have to do tuina for Bear Bear and Elmo and Kate as part of the bedtime routine. :P  No prize for guessing how long is her bedtime routine.

I tried to start reading Chinese books to her,but is mostly unsuccessful. She will tell me 'this book cannot read' when she sees that its a Chinese book, and put it aside.  But at least she is not adverse to listening or speaking Mandarin.  So I guess now all I can do is to start teaching her one Chinese word by one word, before starting her on Chinese books.

I have started my physiotherapy and is now taking the daring step of carrying her more often :P

She is now 3 years old, and is a joy to be with.  Perhaps I am getting old, but nowadays it seems that she will become super cranky by evening time if she did not get her nap.  So I am trying to shift all her activities to morning. Ha ha.  She still cannot rationalize many things, and is still unable to answer many questions (eg, questions about what happen in childcare always drew a blank or some irrelevant answers) .  Just yesterday, I brought her all over the island, carrying her most of the time, only to realise at the end of the day when she slept after her milk, that she must have not have her afternoon nap in child care.  I have asked her a few times if she had taken her nap during the course of the day, and her answer was 'I sleep in Barney mattress cover' which I assume it means that she did sleep.  Apparently that was not so.  Sometimes I wonder if its genetic (her father is not much of a talker too), sometimes I wonder otherwise. [I was reading the blog of a mommy with a atypical child, and she was saying how people had marvel at how quiet is her son when he was younger, when it is actually a symptom.  Reminds me of how last time some people commented that she must be very intelligent, because her eyes will dart around as if absorbing the new environment, but she will be very quiet...]

This new year, I will have one more thing to start worrying about.  Its the year I have to decide which primary school I should send her to, and to do PV if required (yes, its the year of PV registration for  the kids born in 2006).  Gosh, I wonder how other people decide, since who can guess what can/will happen i 3 years time, if we will move,  or if the current planned arrangement will no longer work out.  Most probably she will end up in a student care,which is so sad (coming from me since my own mother was a SAHM during my school years so I will go home after school with warm meals and a bed) cos she will not really be able to rest before/after school.

Friday, 1 January 2010

20100101 New Year at Animal Resort

On the first day of the new year, Kate finally get a chance to go the Animal Resort at Seletar West Farmway.

Papa got a pack of carrots for her to feed the rabbits and she loved feeding them.  She also feed the horse with the rabbit and got a nip on her hand!

Kate enjoys the visit very much and had asked mommy to bring her back to the 'zoo' to 'feed rabbits' :)

After the animal farm, the family went to the nearby Myco mushroom farm for a brief visit and bought some mushroom products, including the yummy mushroom-cum-seaweed floss.

Here is a collage (mommy's first attempt with picassa) and some videos to enjoy!