Wednesday, 22 April 2009


The kids went for a swim at 三姨姨's place ... they have lots of fun!

Yy coming down on the slide like Janice (who is too fast for the camera)....

Charlie on the gentler slide, which is so gentle she needs to wiggle her way down as gravity is not working very well....

Kate coming down too. 三姨姨 jagar her all the while but she is censored from this picture. Kate and 三姨姨 will walk up again on the grey tiles beside the slide and then slide down again....

Kate enjoyed herself very much.... :)


Papa and mommy decided to recee the Changi boardwalk....

Papa parked the car near to the civil servants aloha fairy point chalets and mommy is drooling over how big they are. City boy Papa noticed that they are not air conditioned though.

First, the kelong walk.....

Sunset was cloudy so we didn't get to see a 'salted egg yolk' sunset.....

Sailing point walk.... there are some homes there (not sure if it belongs to the sailing club) that has a small beautiful garden and big balconies... beautiful!

Beautiful short walk (though parking is killer). The same cannot be said of the nearby Changi Village. Crowded, no parking lot, lots of illegal parking. Papa hates it.

Thursday, 16 April 2009


Today, Kate went out with mommy and her secondary school friends to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng 旺角茶餐厅 at Bugis Junction to celebrate Auntie Wenbin's birthday.

Kate wearing the dress give by Auntie Xiaowen long ago... and did her jumpjump act again as there is a mirror behind the couch....

Kate and Keondre admiring themselves in the mirror. She is not tall, he was just not standing straight up then.

Cheyanne and her mommy Auntie Xiaowen and her peanut butter toast bread. In the previous outing, Cheyanne was still a quiet little gal, but now she is cheeky and playful, pulling her mommy's scarf towards her so that mother and daughter are sharing it. :) She is now also very fond of practising her walking....

All the food.... we ordered main course, and alot of finger food (yes, that is a piece of bread in Kate's mouth! :P)
We had 2 kinds of toast bread, some tom yum noodles, wan tum dumplings (spicy!), bacon, rice, drinks, etc. Definitely more variety than the 茶餐厅 that mommy frequent at IMM.

Uncle Calvin taking pics of Kate with her mouth stained with hot chocolate. The waitresses there are from China and they do not understand the word 'hot chocolate'. Have to order in Mandarin.

Cheyanne and Keondre playing with toy cars.

Kate was in a receptive mood and she allows everyone to carry her...
... starting with Auntie Pauline....

Poor Auntie Wenbin has to carry Keondre while he drinks his milk as he refuse to sit in the stroller...

Uncle Calvin and his Cheyanne... looke like the father eh? :)

Uncle Calvin carrying Kate....
The 3 kids..... ranging from 1+ yo to 2+ yo... and the most petite of them all is the oldest..ahahahhaa

Affectionate Keondre....

Auntie Xiaowen's turn to carry Kate.... she is getting tired....

Friday, 10 April 2009


During Easter eve, the teachers at Kate's playgroup teaches them about Easter and teach them how to create their own bunny basket and Easter egg. They were also given a pack of goodies, which have been designated as for mommy's consumption (yes, the big bully). :)

At night, Kate did her jump jump (yes, whatever she was chanting was 'jump jump') with Papa as her 'personal trainer'. Its tough job, cos the adult have to use the knee to hold the gym ball so that it will not roll away.

[video removed at request of papa]


Advertising for KFC and whatever brand of tomato sauce that they use (don't think its Heinz, which won one of the prizes for its commercial at Viewer's Choice).


Saturday, 4 April 2009


I never wanted this to be a wordy blog.

And afterall, a picture says a thousand words.

But sometimes there are things which cannot be captured on photo/video, and there are things that happen so fast I cannot whipped out the camera on time, or she will do her now-famous squat pose and that moment will be lost.

Anyway, today is the end of one whole week which I took leave to take care of her, 8 whole days of 24x8 of KateKateKate.

I tried to make her take her afternoon nap, but all she wanted to do is to play.

Her "loolooloo (roll roll roll)" which is this new game which I will place my big bolster perpendicular to her body, and then roll it (controlling from the side where I was lying) from her torso to over her head, then roll down from over her head to her waist again.

And her rowing game which she will sit between my legs (me lying down on the bed again, lazy mommy!) back facing me, and then using her hands to move my thighs so that I will clench her between my legs and then release (good exercise for thigh muscle when I take over!) and she will roll her head from side to side to indicate that I must clench her between my thighs and then move from left to right so that her head and body will sway, as in she was in a boat. And we will sing "Row row row your boat, gently up the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream (of course most of what she sings is incomprehensible)".

And then she wanted me to 按摩 (one of her first words) her, that is, to give her a massage, which is something that we do almost everynight. And she only wanted it done one way, by using the 推拿 method of pinching the flesh at both sides of the spine from waist level to shoulder.

And her favorite 'wild' game, was 'rodeo', which the parent will lie on the back (lazy people's way again! haha!), bend the legs (wasn't this a pilate exercise for mommy with babies?) and then place her with her stomach on the lower half the leg, and then sing some song/music and jerk her wildy up and down, left and right. She can play 'rodeo' non-stop, even after my calves are aching.

And still, she refuses to sleep. And pull me towards the bedroom door (which was closed) to indicate that she wanted to open it.

So let her out to play again.

Then at 6pm+, I decided to bring her downstairs for some fresh air. We had been coped up at home for the past week, and it is driving me crazy (her too, for one day during the week, she put her doodle mat into my weekend bag, and then carry the bag and walked towards the main door, and then turned back to look at me to see if I understand her message that she wanted to go out).

She insisted on bringing her tricycle along (she called it 'the the the del', as I keep telling her 'legs/feet on THE PE-DELs'), and we crossed the road, where this big field is (now being segregated into 3 areas - big field, big cordoned off area for building small park, and hardcourt). She started sitting on the tricycle and I pushed the tricycle. We walked almost the whole perimeter of the big field before the smoke from the construction of the park made me decide to turn back.

On the way back, Kate suddenly said something like 'faster faster!' This is the first time I heard her say that, but I think she said 'faster faster' so I pushed faster, telling her 'faster faster!'. But I was, of course, not that fast, and she stopped the tricycle, and then got off, and started running away as fast as her little legs could carry her, saying 'faster faster!'. And I have to chase after her, calling out to her 'I never know you can say the word 'faster'!', and then this jogger that was slowing down in front of us turned back with a smile, amused. He must have think I am a crazy mommy.

Then as usual, as with my previous times with her when I bring her jogging/walking around the perimeter of the field, we stopped at the hardcourt and I rested while Kate entertained herself by climbing up and down the stairs and looking at the various groups of people playing basketball or badminton etc, or walking along the length of the top of the stairs and expecting me to go after her.

And it was quite an enjoyable short trip out with her, that I told myself that I must blog special moments like this, that cannot be captured on camera/video. And that I love my precious little girl, and I will be very sad when next time she grew up and prefers the company of her friends instead of her by-then old and grouchy mommy.


Another thing that Kate had been playing with during her quaratine is this set of Winne the Pooh stickers. She will ask mommy to tear them out from its original piece, then stick on her hand, then stick them back onto the original piece (whatever you call it!). Then she started sticking them on the windows, one for each frame.

Then she will lined them all up so that each sticker will be slightly sticking onto the previous sticker to form one huge line of stickers.

The most recent one is when she will stick the stickers on the ledge of each window frame so that its like they are all sitting on the window ledge.

Cute :)

During the evening, since Kate's ulcers and lesions had healed, mommy decided to bring her downstairs for a walk. Here are some pics...


Kate had been feeling unwell, so mommy have been giving in to her whims, including her non-stop request in playing with the camera. She can even play the videos in the camera and then re-enact the scenario (eg, playing on her piano again, or climbing here and there..)

This is the first picture taken by Kate accidentally.... its a upside down shot of her playyard (with the reflection on the tiles on top), with her finger partial covering the lens..... obviously she has not master the skill of 'focusing' before pressing on the shutter. :P


Kate enjoying her yoghurt... note that the pouting lips are still there...

and doing sun salutation....


Kate is so bothered by the ulcers in her mouth that she keep on pouting her lips for the first few days when she had HFMD....

Mommy received the sunsuit that she bought for Kate from SMH's BP....