Tuesday, 27 March 2012

20120224 Wicked!

Wicked the Musical had come to Singapore for quite some time, but mommy never went to watch due to one reason (busy) or another (no company).  Then news of it ending soon, plus a 30% discount for passion card holders prompted mommy to quickly get the ticket.

Daddy is busy, so mommy only have a 5 year old for company.  She had watched 3 kids' play previously (Gingerbread man, Jack and the Beanstalk and 3 Little Pigs) but no adult play so far.  Hesitated abit, but encouraged by the Linette's comments that her little bee also enjoyed the show.  So bought two of the cheaper seats at the Grand Circle (topmost level) row H.

After we have bought the tickets, Mommy mentioned to si yee yee and she wanted to watch too.  But she was unable to get the seat next to us and had to get a seat one row below (row G) but nearer to the side.

To warm K up, Mommy downloaded a Wizard of Oz app from Google Play (formerly Android Market) for K to read (which she read and re-read so many times it drained the battery on mommy's Samsung S2).

Then, one day before, we saw this taxi at our car park and just had to take some pictures :P

Come Sunday..... K's first adult musical!  We rushed all the way down after she had finished her Berries class.  As we are not sure if we will be able to eat a decent full meal before the show starts, we bought snacks to eat after we have reached MBS via Bayfront MRT (which is much  more convenient compared to last time when we have to walk from Millenia Walk)

Took a picture with the huge poster since we are not allowed to take pictures inside the theater

We were not allowed to bring outside food in, but kiasu mommy was afraid that K will still be hungry and bought a container of popcorn (Cornery Gourmet from Ion) and a bottle of orange juice once we are inside the ticketed area.  While the variety is limited, at least the price is not super black market, mommy paid a total of $9 for both items.  There are also other snacks such as snickers, sandwich etc.

Our seats at row H is quite OK, we were able to see the stage when we sit upright (instead of lean back) on the seat.  We can even see the expressions on some of the actor/actresses' face if the light is bright enough.  There is also booster seat for little children like K. Of course, it will be better if we had bought tickets for the seats in front, but with a fidgety 5 year old on her first 2 hour musical? mmmmmm.....

Si yee yee's seat, on the other hand, though lower than ours, was more towards the side, and unable to see the full stage unless she really sit in front, and row G is the first row for the grand circle, and the handrails at the wall does block part of her view.

K very eagerly pulled us to go into the theater, and then, typical 5-year-old style, asked every 10 seconds why the show had not started.

The 2 main casts are Jemma Rix (who played Elphaba the green witch) and Suzie Mathers (who played Galinda/Glinda) (thank you Amanda Osborne for verifying this, and Mommy like the way she puts Rix's name first haha).  Rix's voice was, as commented by another blogger, able to send goosebumps down your arms.  But unfortunately, our seats are too far away to be able to hear the best of her voice (smooth ....), but on the other hand, it is not that bad as K covered her ears whenever Mather reached the higher soprano notes since she is still adverse to loud noises).  And too few solo songs for Rix to show off her beautiful voice!

Had to explain quickly and briefly to K what each scene is about and answered her questions, which makes mommy missed out some of the dialogue and not being able to fully enjoy the show.  Thank goodness the gentlemen next to us was not angry with the constant to-and-fro whispering.

K liked the show.  She was shaking and legs and even swinging her body to the songs, and Mommy saw her subconsciously gesturing like Madame Morrible (of all people!) sometimes. :P

During the 15 minute break, we went to the toilet (nearby, ample rooms so the wait was quite short), and then persuaded si yee yee to sit with us (since K was either standing or sitting on Mommy's lap) as her view was quite restricted.  K was quite tired and sleepy during Act 2, and was sad to only see Dorothy's shadow.  But still, she managed to last throughout the show.

After the show, we took the MRT to daddy's office who drove us home (reached home around midnight).

Asked K if she liked the show and she said yes.  Her favorite? Glinda (whom she said is nice).  Of course, my favorite is Elphaba (Glinda is too ditzy for me).

Mommy's thought? The plot is weak, but the songs are catchy (mommy now had the songs on her handphone so that she can listen to it during the long journey to and from work).  And mommy will better enjoy it if she were to get a better seat to hear the singing and admire the costumes and with no need to explain to the girl about so many things.

And now the mommy's head is filled with so many questions.  Like is this is a parallel universe to the Wizard of Oz?  Does Dorothy have the company of the tin man, lion and scarecrow in this universe?  If yes, is it the evil intention of the tin man to bring Dorothy to Elphaba?  Or is the plan of the scarecrow (since he said 'it worked!')? How does the scarecrow and Elphaba planned all this when they never got a chance to discuss?

And mommy think she will try to find the books by Gregory Maguire and read it.  And of course, bring K to watch Wizard of Oz if the musical ever comes to Singapore (better seats next time).

To those parents who enjoyed musicals and who are thinking if they should bring their below 8 years old (Wicked's recommended minimum age) to the show, just go for it!

Monday, 26 March 2012

20120211 dessert

I must blog about this !!!! :P :P :P

The weather was so hot and humid in February.

I netsurf and found some people saying that white fungus is nourishing as it moisturises the lungs and its good for hot weather.  Then found a recipe consisting of white fungus, north and south almonds, rock sugar, and some sweetener (I use papaya for this round).

So went to the Hock Hua near my mom's place to buy the ingredients.

Since K's enrichments are all over the place nowadays, have to cook halfway in the slow cooker and then instruct daddy to take over.

Here is the outcome - 4 small bowls of water (I have no idea why the recipe asked for 4 bowls of water when its for 2 servings) turned out to be like 5 big bowls of dessert (only 2 small bowls shown here).

Daddy complained about the large portion but still gulped it down, while K looked as if I was an evil empress who had just 'rewarded' her with du jiu (poisoned wine).  She drank each spoonful with tears rolling down her eyes and only took a few spoonfuls pleading not to take anymore!  Gosh!

afternote :  seeing all the remaining ingredients (the white fungus came in one big packet), I did it again in March.  This time round, only use 2.5 small bowl of water (then daddy itchy handed and added a quarter bowl more) and it came out to be 3.5 small bowls (now 'who' is 'leaking' water? Confess now!).  Use pumpkin instead of papaya (because that is what I have in the fridge).  This time round, K drank abit more and even proclaim the pumpkin yummy (but only for a while.  What a fussy eater)!  Even have enough to serve one bowl to the parttime cleaner who came, and she liked it too! :)

CNY 2012

Been very very busy with no time to blog.

Chinese New Year this year came especially early this year.  Had a new project implementation on 1st January and have no time to prepare for CNY!

But manage to buy the Toy Story Alien Tees when daddy dragged us to the newly opened Changi Point Shopping Centre (something like that, its opposite Expo MRT).

On the first day, we went to the in law's place as usual.  This time round, both the cousins came, and finally, here is a picture which K looked like a big sister rather than a little girl (when taking photos with her maternal cousins, or friends, or peers, some of them are younger than her) :P

Sok sok (daddy's brother) brought 2 hamsters, and K was so excited.  She started off to stroke the hamster, and when she was given permission to carry it, she was very happy indeed.  Till now, she is still saying that her favourite animals are hamsters and Megan (see 3rd picture)

Squeezing the hamster into twice its breadth

Day 2 went to er yee yee's  place because we are getting a small study table from her, and also to see Megan, er yee yee's dog.

This year, Megan is abit braver (compared to last year which she shivered so badly and so long when she saw strangers in the house).  So after a while, K is able to take pictures with Megan!  Er yee yee even took her polaroid so that K can have some hardcopy memories to bring home.

After that, we went to si yee yee's house for more kinect before going to po po's place for dinner.
gosh, this picture looks so 70s in the pose.  San yee yee got a similar one taken 30+ years ago

Come weekend, and mommy met up with her secondary school friends again.  Auntie Pauline is going back to Australia so its one last round of catching up as we do not know when we will see her again.  Auntie Xiaowen is not feeling well and so Cheyanne did not come.  Nonetheless, the remaining kids have fun playing at Auntie Jiaen's place.

Now anyway to rotate all this pictures within blogger????

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Recently drawn pictures

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