Tuesday, 23 March 2010

20100323 mommy's thoughts

After Chinese New Year, Kate started showing some refusal in going to school.  It escalated until she would cry every morning after she woke up.  Everyday.  Until today. Papa is going crazy.   On the only day which I sent her to school, she was alright, but that is not the long term plan, as papa is the one using the car, and if I have to send her to school, she will need to be in school before 7.30am, which I think is too early for such a young gal (especially when she had such a late bedtime).

She is also refusing rice during dinner.  So on certain evenings, she would not take in any solid at all.  Cannot remember if this started before or after Chinese New Year.  Sigh..there goes my plan to fatten her up.

I checked with my sis who also had a 3 year old and she confirmed that terrible twos does not run in our family.  Its the terrible threes instead, and she herself is having problem with her own child (who can understand more than Kate).  My sis said that based on her experience with her elder child, this TT stage will last for about half a year. Argh!

With my dilly dally, I have not visited any of my shortlisted primary schools, nor have I started drafting my parent volunteer letter. Argh!

Here are 2 pictures of her lying on my bed drinking milk.  As her mattresses are all on the ground, papa has to carry her mattresses and put them on our master bed on the evenings when the PT cleaner so that the PT cleaner can vacuum and mop the floor in her bedroom.  She like this arrangement, cos she like to jump on a highly stacked up mattresses, or to squeeze into the little gap left, and do her things (eg, read her books, or drink milk like what she is doing in this picture).

And finally here is a picture of her with her elmo and bear bear, her current bedtime story and tuina and sleeping mates. :)

Afternote (added 20100328) :

forget to add that nowadays, Kate likes to greet bus drivers. When she board the bus, she will shout HELLO to the bus driver very loudly (of course some drivers will say hello back while some will ignore her).  Previously she will say BYEEEEEE to all the passengers in the MRT after she got off the MRT.  And this is from a gal who will 'act shy' when she sees her neighbours and who will not greet her grandparents. 

And nowadays she also improvise lyrics.  When she does her things (playing mostly) she can sing songs with known tunes, but with her own lyrics, eg, talking about what she was doing then, etc.  She is beginning to show signs of being able to tell me what happened when I was not around (yes, most kids can do by 1.5 year old) cos that day she told me that her water bottle was broken in school, and when prompted, can tell me in her limited language that she was the one who pull the bottle off the shelf.  Similarly, yesterday, when I came home, she was able to convey the message that she asked papa where I was ('Mommy mommy') when she woke up and cannot find me.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

20100320 here we go....

After numerous attempts of photo taking, shrink and crop, mommy finally manage to get a decent looking picture that kind of fulfill the ICA's requirements for a passport picture.

The unsuccessful attempt include blur pictures, background that are not white (mommy does not know how to use photoshop), shrunk result that does not fulfill the dimensions and size required by ICA.

After several tries, mommy finally figured out how to use the 'set white background (whatever)' to make a off white background looks white.  The final copy was smaller then ICA's required byte size, but they manage to process it! :)

So on a raining Saturday morning, everyone went to ICA to collect the passport.  Though we miss our appointment timing, the wait was not that long (though there was some technical glitch which does not show all queue numbers on all the screens which result in us nearly missing our queue number).

So now Kate has her first passport and she can now go overseas! :)

And here is the picture inside her passport.  Doesn't she look sweet? :P

Sunday, 7 March 2010

20100306 kite flying

On a humid Saturday evening, Kate and mommy took the MRT (NS line --> circle line --> NE line) to Buangkok MRT to meet up with some premmies and their parents for pinic and kite flying.  This is the first time she went for  kite flying.

Some of the mommies have kindly offered to bring food and drink, so Kate just need to bring her kite!  Thank you to the other mommies :)

The wind was pretty strong, but on and off, so mommy did not really manage to keep the kite up in the sky for a long time (no kungfu!). 
Here's Kate holding onto the reel (?) for the kite string.  She is very excited especially when the wind is so strong it just pushes the kite  higher and higher up and the string just keep unwinding as if it has a life of its own.
That's our kite ! (the one in the middle of the picture with the string)
After the wind died down, Kate and mommy joined the rest of the people for a picnic just outside the MRT station.  Here she is posing with a cute biscuit with a smiley face :)

Auntie Michelle with the lovely Paige...

Kate with Paige and Yilin's elder sis Weng (4 years old) behind them.

Auntie Eileen and Bryan with the snow white skin!

A group photo taken by Paige's daddy... (from left) Yilin's sister Weng, Bryan and mommy, Yilin (she is so sweeet!) and mommy, Jolie and mommy, Paige and mommy, and Kate and mommy.

After leaving, Kate and mommy went to Compass Point for dinner... Kate enjoyed the kite flying so much that when she went home, she told papa 'I fly kite' with her hands stretched open like a kite/aeroplane.  Mommy should bring Kate kite flying more often! :)

Saturday, 6 March 2010

2010 the 15 days of CNY period

Kate's CNY celebration for this year started on the Thursday before CNY with a reunion dinner with her
爷爷 and family (and 叔叔's girlfriend! :P) at Pu Tien a Jurong Point.  The mee sua is yummy (the picture is that of the yu sheng)!

On Friday, Kate and 婆婆 and mommy went to the florists at Thomson Road to buy some flowers to decorate the house.

On Saturday, which is the eve of Chinese New Year, Kate and mommy and papa went to 婆婆's place for the steamboat.  This reunion dinner is noiser than usual as most of the 姨姨 (except for one) can make it back, so its the usual strength (and noise) of a Friday dinner!  Here's a picture of Charlie and Kate next to the lilies that were bought from Far East Flora. Can see that next time Charlie will grow up to be a big beauty...

Sunday is the first day, and Kate dress up to go to 爷爷's place.  But she did not manage to meet up with her 表妹 and 表弟 as 表妹 had her nap and was unable to turn up early, and mommy had to leave early for home to rest as she injure her back again (yes, first day and have to go to A & E!).

On lunar 2nd day, as with the tradition of the previous years, Kate rushed from 大姨姨's place to 二姨姨's place (where they have fun terrorizing the pet rabbit :P) back to 四姨姨's place before going to 婆婆's place for dinner.  Nicole was chaperone for the 2 gals for the day and she did a good job! :)

The 3rd day is also a public holiday, and 爷爷 and the 2 叔叔 and 叔叔's girlfriend and  姑姑 and 姑丈 and 表弟 came over to our place.  表妹 was unable to make it as she had fallen sick after consuming too much CNY goodies!

After that, Kate and mommy went to Auntie Xiaowen's place where she had a fun time with Cheyanne and Keondre.

The next day cc was closed, and mommy and Kate went to send the camera for servicing.

A few days later, on the Saturday, Kate and mommy was invited to a BBQ by Auntie Connie who have moved to a lovely area in central area.  She set up plenty of water play for the kids to play and also BBQ food for the famished adults!  The kids have lots of fun with the toys and the adults are impressed with the house and the plants (they have real passion fruit plant and starfruit tree. Wow!).  And also very impressive is Auntie Jamie who is now soooooo slimmmmmmmmmm and she does not look like the mother of 2 kids (mommy took a picture as proof! :P)!  It was a great gathering as mommy have not seen some of them for a longgg time, and had a good time catching up.



On the 15th day of CNY, papa and mommy gave up on the extreme heat and brought Kate for a swim at Safra.  The water was so warm it felt like its about 30 degree! 

So here's a recap of how Kate spend her CNY! :)