Monday, 21 November 2011

20111117 Hong Kong Day 5 - Disneyland & home

Next morning, we had breakfast at the Enchanted Garden where some of the Disney characters will turned up for photoshoots with the guests.  There are 2 timings - 7.30am - 9am , and 9.30am - 11am.  Mommy choose the first slot as she wanted to go Disneyland again.

Breakfast coupon

First character to pose with us is Daisy Duck already in Christmas wear

mickey mouse waffle

mickey mouse mini pancake
After waiting for a long time, we pose with our next character which is Goofy.
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Then, Mickey Mouse... no Minnie though..

Finally, Pluto....

Goofy acting cute in front of mommy's camera :P

After breakfast, we walked around the place and took photos of the outdoor and indoor pools.

We also visited the gift shop and one of the staff there gave Kathleen 3 stickers - for the 3 of us.

Check out of the hotel, left our luggage there, and went back to Disneyland again.

We saw the long queue to take pictures with Mickey and Minnie.  Thinking that the queue will shorten after a while, we went on and queued to take pictures with Chip and Dale instead.  However, after that, the queue for Mickey and Minnie did not seem to shorten, and we join the queue.
Queuing to take pictures with Chip and Dale...

Bored K while waiting for her turn to take pictures with Mickey and Minnie

After queueing for more than 1 hour, its finally our turn!!!!!

We then went to Fantasy Land and saw Aurora and Belle, but the Disneyland staff told us we cannot queue for photos anymore, so mommy asked K to stand far away to at least take a shot of 2 princesses.  The staff told us Aurora will be back at 12.30pm but we did not find her when we went back to the same spot at 12.30pm. :(

Finally went for the Stitch Encounter.  In Chinese though (they have shows in Cantonese, Chinese and English at different slots)

Taking a ride at the Autopia which we did not take yesterday as the waiting time then was 20minutes.  It was just a boring ride which lets you control the speed by stepping on an 'accelerator'.

Then went to watch another show - the Golden Mickeys, which is like a musical drama for awards.

After that, we went to this far corner in Fantasy Land and saw 3 characters for photo taking - Minnie, Pooh and Donald.  Quickly queued for Pooh. 
Minnie back from her toilet break

Pooh back from his toilet break
Finally took pictures with Pooh.

And Donald....

After that, it started raining and we seek shelter at the photo place or the princess, near to the castle.

It was Cinderalla and Aurora's turn to appear, and we took pictures with Aurora.  Never caught Belle and Snow White.. :(

Next, merry go round...

Even daddy took a ride!
The rain got heavier and heavier, and Kathleen put on her raincoat for the Dumbo ride.

After that, we caught abit of the Parade.  It was the rainy day version,which has the characters in raincoats in the rainy day express.  Did not take photo as Kathleen wanted to be carried again.

Went to one of the cafes for tea break.  Mommy then do some shopping before we went back to the hotel to retrieve our luggage (and mommy did some more shopping and bought this very cute Minnie Mouse swimming robe with hood from the hotel gift shop).

Minnie Mouse robe (have Pooh and Stitch design too but K preferred this)

Leaving Disneyland hotel....

We then took the hotel shuttle back to Disneyland, took the MTR from Disneyland station to Sunny Bay, switch to Tsing Yi, then to the hotel.
Posing with the Disneyland MTR train
Our plane was supposed to leave at 8pm, but at 7.30pm, when its boarding/last call time, they suddenly announced that the plane will be delayed for 1 hour 45 minutes!  That for a flight that is less than 4 hours.  They offered a HKD75 credit for each passenger with a boarding pass, and as it is dinner time, alot of passengers are very hungry and wanted to redeem the credit.  However, the restaurants are not notified until an hour later which is bad customer service.

Board the plane finally at 9.45pm.

K seriously reading the instructions provided in the seat pocket and following them diligently
This time we found a channel that show live footage from a camera installed at the bottom of the craft.  Very interesting as you can see the exact moment when the wheels lifted off from the tarmac.  But as it is a night flight, most of the time we can only see darkness in the grainy footage.

Hot food was served, but before it can cooled enough for Kathleen, at around 11.15pm, she suddenly declared that she wanted to sleep, then turned to her side and closed her eyes.  Then opened her eyes, asked mommy to switch off the video (which was showing Cars 2), then continue to sleep.  She slept all the way and did not awake even when the plane landed in Changi Airport (quite a smooth landing, compared to the drop-from-the-sky feeling we get on the plane that landed in Hong Kong 5 days earlier) at 1am +.

Mommy then carried her (which she looked up, and assured that she was still with her parents, feel asleep again), went through the customs with her asleep (thank you singapore customs for not asking me to wake her up in a bid to check if she is a child trafficking victim), took a cab (she looked up again when we got into the cab), then slept all the way through the night (yes, still no dinner) until the next morning 8am+ when she shook lazy mommy awake and told mommy that she wanted to go to school. :)

K asleep with her food untouched

At the airport while waiting for the delayed flight, Kathleen told mommy that she wanted to go back to Hong Kong on a Saturday in November i 2016, then changed her mind to 2013 cos mommy told her that 2016 will mean that she is 10 years old.  But sweetheart, think mommy will wait till she is fully assured that Kathleen is willing to walk on her own before going on the next trip.