Friday, 31 July 2009

20090730 Dec06 gathering

The mommies will try to meet up whenever one of the mommies who lived overseas with her outstationed husband came back.

This is another occasion. They had lunch at Pasta de Waraku at Iluma (opposite Bugis Junction). The staff gave us a corner with 2 rows of table, which is away from the rest of the crowd for privacy as they do not have private rooms. They serve kids meal at $.680++ with a toy (this time its a small magnetic doodle board).
The mommies took a group picture at the end of the meal. Kate was not there as mommy only took half day and rushed down from work.

first row (from left) : Lilien and Ewan, Kimmy and Natacia, Marcus, Mandy, Barry (in stroller), Denise and Catherine, Sylvia and Regina
2nd row (from left) : Shihui, Yean Yean, Shirley (Marcus' mommy), Kei (Mandy and Barry's mommy), me!, Selinna and Jenny.

Thursday, 30 July 2009


The theme for this term at Kate's playgroup is Marine animals, so one day, Kate came back with a beautiful goldfish made from paper plates which she can slot her hand inside to 'control'.

p/s mommy gave her a digital skirt :P

The next day.. it was a jellyfish made from a paper cup....

On the last day, it was a turtle made from toilet paper roll.

Playgroup is fun, even for mommy! :)

Thursday, 23 July 2009


This is Kate on the way to the market. She insisted on pushing the trolley all the way to the market. However, as she is too short for the handle, she had to tilt the trolley more than 45 degree so that she can hold onto the handle.

It took her a long time to finish the supposedly 10 minute work though. And she did help out again on the way back, with a half-loaded trolley.

Friday, 17 July 2009


What is Kate's newest favourite toy?

Its a Hamtaro Merry-go-round set that mommy got by buying the McDonald's Extra Value Meal many many years ago (most probably more than 10 years! Yes Mommy is that old!).

The merry go round can be wound up to let it goes round and round (not working very well now). Which, IMO, is more fun than the 'free toys' that comes with the Extra Value Meal nowadays. There is also a Hamtaro ferris wheel, which is at po po's place now.

Mommy has no idea what are the individual Hamtaros called though. Just called them (from right) daddy hamtaro, mommy hamtaro and baby hamtaro.

hee hee :P

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

20090705 mommy's thoughts

Mommy is always worried that Kate, being an only child, will turn out to be a bad tempered, spoilt and selfish child who does not know how to share.

But 2 incidents in the past weekend makes me think that there is hope.

On Saturday, we went to the in laws' place, where her cousin ( 表妹 ) who was about 2 years younger, was there too.

The cousin saw the plastic mega-block with wheels that Kate has, and wanted to have it. I told her to share with her cousin, and she did. Then her uncle passed her a toy, and the cousin wanted it too. To summarise, the cousin simply wanted whatever that was in Kate's hand.

In the end, Kate did not give in anymore, but instead of pushing away the smaller size cousin which many children will do, Kate hold onto her toy and stood behind me. Non-confrontational, yet not giving in. I am kind of proud of her. :)

Then on Sunday, we went to my parents' place, and one of my sisters brought a old Fisher Price bicycle-cum-rocker there. Kate saw it, sat on it, and rocked (the rocking base was on then). Her Charlie 表姐 saw the bicycle and wanted to sit on it too. But somehow she did not say it out loud. Kate then slide her body from the bicycle so that the bicycle seat is exposed, wait for a while, and when there is no response from her 表姐, slide back so that she is fully seated on the bicycle seat again. She repeated this a few times, but without saying anything. It was only until she stretch out her hand to her 表姐, that I realise that her actions was to show her 表姐 that she wanted her 表姐 to ride pillion, something that she is unable to verbalise, as her speech is still limited and pretty much non-spontaneous. And so I have to tell the 表姐 what she had in mind, and to guide the older cousin to sit on the exposed seat.

And then the 2 of them have a fun time pretending to be riding on a bicycle together.

Below are some photos from the 2nd event.

Now mommy have to start worrying that Kate might be too mild and get bullied next time.. :P


Went to Asian Civilisation Museum for the Kang Xi emperor exhibition and jazz concert, but the queue was too long (1.5 hours!) for the museum and the jazz was not jazz...

Kate eating pringles

Dancing with her feet on the ground and just shaking her arms...

Dancing as if she was high....

Sunday, 5 July 2009


This is a picture taken by mommy on 4th July. Kate has been learning how to draw circles from playgroup, but of course they look more like ovals. The perfect-looking one (heehee) at the left of center is drawn by mommy :P