Sunday, 23 November 2008

20081122 Xmas at Orchard

A short photo taking session outside Forum shopping center after Mommy had a dinner with her friends....

20081117 setting up the Xmas tree...

Inspired by the mommy of the 2 Bees...mommy decided to get Kate's help in setting up the Xmas tree....

Kate helping to go through the Xmas decor...Her drum (ok, gymball) roll celebration after she and mommy finished setting up the Xmas tree. Mommy did some of the work, but Kate sometimes do instruct mommy where to hang a certain decor.....
.... like this poor overcrowded branch which is 'over-loved' by Kate as she keep insructing to add one decor after another onto the same branch.
Mommy always top the tree with this 2 cushions which are the wedding favours of hers and papa's wedding so many years ago... (name removed)

20081115 Kate is 2 years old

Went to 爷爷's and 奶奶's home to celebrate Kate's 2nd birthday.

Kate's birthday cake from Jack's

Kate started to cry as too many people are staring at her when singing the birthday song (Mommy is in many of the pictures as Kate always stick to her when she is at 爷爷's and 奶奶's home)

The dress is a gift from Auntie Yean Yean for thanks! Thank you Auntie Yean Yean! :)

Kate trying to blow out the candles unsuccessfully.

Kate sitting there and waiting patiently for the cake to be cut...

After eating the cake, Kate climbed onto the bed to be with 表妹

The new super hero showing off her incredible strength again, pressing a big dent in the plastic bottle.

Another of her super hero powers - able to suck water out of the bottle without removing the cap (just kidding!)

p/s top truncated again to remove picture of deities.

At night at home...

"When i grow up, I want to be a catwalk model modelling questionable fashionwear". (this is actually the plastic rain cover of her stroller)


"When I grow up, I want to be a bartender"
Nowadays Kate love to stand on the dining bench and then pretend to pour stuff from different containers into her milk bottle.

p/s top part is truncated to remove picture of the Goddess of Mercy

Saturday, 8 November 2008

20081108 Admiralty Park

Another hot outing!

Pond at West entrance (there is a Sakura International Buffet there too if anyone is interested)

Sandwich pinic for breakfast.

Kate striking a pose... she thinks she looks cute.....
Mommy tried to capture her aerodynamics walking style but she did not display it ... (might be the weather...its hot!)Seems that only the part between West entrance and South entrance (near Republic Poly) are paved. The other side between West and North entrance are not paved, and bad for stroller (and a cranky baby).

So we drove to North entrance and then walk again to look for the mangrove swamp...which is dry .... (see mud floor behind papa and Kate..).... we saw a mud skipper though (but no monkey)...


Kate is supposed to perform in her playgroup for the first time..but she cried upon seeing so many audience and refuse to perform...

20081102 TNP Big Walk

New Paper big walk.. wake up at 6am+... *yawn*

(thank you to mommy's colleague Mr Richard S for supplying the New Paper masthead for mommy to register for 3 person!)

Road block.. the poor drivers must be grumbling... :P

Getting very hot... (New Paper called it 'pleasant weather' in their articles on the big walk...)

National Stadium..mommy really look old in this picture... 岁月不饶人!
(thank you to Auntie Irene for lending mommy the ergo carrier!)

Grumpy faces at Tanjong Rhu... papa and kate are just not made for the outdoors...

Kate fell asleep while mommy was queueing for the goodie bag (seems that she is always falling asleep right? But before that will be lots of crankiness). Behind is the fountain area of Marina Barrage.

The 'dam'.

Air con at last! Kate posing with New York New York's menu at City Link.