Monday, 30 November 2009

20091129 premmie's outing

[mommy : how can i forget to post about this???]

One of the mommies in the premmies thread decided to open the doors to her house this long weekend and invited the premmies for a big gathering!

It is fun to see all the faces, and don't look down on all these bawling babies, they are strong warriors, some of them born when they are only 20+ weeks in gestation, and has overcome lots of hurdles.  And the oldest premmie of them all?  The organiser kkf who is a 20+ weeker herself decades ago! :)

And in the pictures are mommies who are brave enough to have other children after giving birth to a premmie, and even one with triplets! :)

Saturday, 28 November 2009


In the morning, Kate and papa and mommy went to the full month celebration of her first
表弟, the 2nd child of (her one and only) 姑姑.  The only pictures captured are of the oh-so-cute bite-size sweet a relative had bought from Muji in Japan.  Mommy wondered if this cutie stuff can  be found in the local Muji stores but doubt so.

After the party, papa and mommy went to burn some holes in some pocket by visiting Sitex@Expo, before adjourning to Changi Beach for some sand, sea and aeroplane viewing.

Kate enjoying the sea breeze.  Note that the weird sitting position is because she is in her cleanliness mood again and therefore dare not sit on the sand and sat on mommy's shoes instead.


The confused look? Cos all these sandcastles are made by mommy, not her!

She was more engrossed in creating pots of wet sand....
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Friday, 27 November 2009

20091127 Kate read the alphabets

Kate is inspired to read out the alphabets after watching Leapfrog's The Letter Factory infinite times. And nope, she does not know phonics. She knows those alphabets form the word 'armadillo' because mommy told her so.


Kate's first time on the circle line... carried her and showed her the dark tunnel in front of the driver-less train....


Posted this pictures cos she look so is very difficult to capture solo pictures of her nowadays... this is taken when we are on the bus on the way to the library...

literally consuming knowledge from a book...


Went to the ranch Home @ Dempsey Hills

apetitizer.. cake... the staff, upon hearing that Kate might not like mousse, cut a smaller piece as sample for us to try first, so that we will not be stuck with a big piece of uneaten cake if the gal was to reject the food.  Good service!

main course.. pasta (of course!).  Not bad.

dessert... Ben and Jerry's.... she preferred the m&m's toppings than the ice cream.

Cheyanne, who now happily calls me Auntie after the last time I played with her all kinds of kiddy games in the middle of North Point...

Keondre and his mommy... smart boy...

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

20091115 Kathleen is 3 years old!

Kathleen is 3 years old!  Had a small celebration at yeye's place.

The Barney cake papa bought from Prima Deli. The small pair of hands holding the Ericsson hp camera belongs to Kate.

Cutting the cake. This year, Kate did not bawl when everyone is focusing on her and singing the birthday song, but her eyes are red (trying not to cry). She managed to blow out the candles with help.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

20091108 science center

Mommy got some omni theatre tickets and so off the kids they go to Science center....

In front of the moving dinosaur...


the 'chop'.  Janice chopped hers on her forehead... :P

The kids playing at the tree house.....


Omni theatre show - Under the sea.  Luckily papa did not come along, for the show that he wanted to watch, Space Station was replaced by Under the Sea wef November.


The seats are abit cramped.  But I guess they are normal cinema size, but mommy cannot know for sure cos she has not been to a cinema in years!

Mommy had pre-warned Kate that there will be a 'big TV' and it will be dark.  So when the lights were dimmed, she turned around and smile at mommy and said 'don't worry', indicating that she is not scared of the darkness.  Brave gal!

There are a few 'eating' scenes, but the kids aren't afraid.  In fact, they are more scared by the adults who screamed during those scenes!

Despite the darkness and 'long' duration (40minutes, long for hyper tots), the kids did not asked to leave the theatre (we are seated in the middle of the row).  But Kate keep pushing the seats in front, and then disturb
三姨姨 who was seated at the front (the counter staff kindly split us into 2 rows so that we can get seats that are not so up front) by lowering her head next to hers and then smiling, or turning sideways and smiling at Auntie Beth.

The initial plan was to wrap up the day at the water play area at the Science Center.  But it started pouring around 4pm+ and the water play area was closed.  So the kids loiter around Science Center till 6pm and then grab a bite at Jurong East before going to 婆婆's place for dinner.

20091105 dancing queen

dancing in Yoshinoya to its piped music.  Rare footage since nowadays she prefer to be behind the camera.

Monday, 2 November 2009


impromptu pic taken when kate was watching the tv while lying on the floor (yes, cultivating bad habit). so sweeettttttt ;P