Saturday, 8 December 2012

20121208 Long Long Ago

One of the music pieces that she is learning.

The song is called 'Long Long Ago'.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

20121204 Pandas in Singapore

K went to the zoo with po po, san yee yee and Janice.

Taking a picture with po po while waiting for san yee yee and Janice to turn up.  Doesn't she resemble po po slightly?

We went early but as san yee yee and Janice was not there yet, mommy bought the panda tickets for 11am.

K's zoo admission ticket.

Mommy rented a motor scooter for po po and K to ride on.  In the end, Janice was also fighting to ride it. :P

Outside the otter enclosure.  We stayed for the otter feeding session.  The panda enclosure is just next to it.

We are allowed to queue to go in about 10 minutes before 11am.  After we went in, there are some enclosure with no creatures inside before we reach the other checkpoint (have to check ticket again so don't lose it!) which we have to queue again.  They have a large TV for the visitors to pass their time while waiting.

The first panda.  Just lying there.

The enclosure is long rather than deep so that the vistors can see the pandas easily.

The next panda (don't know if this is Kai Kai or Jia Jia) who keeps walking around.

After visiting the pandas (each group is supposed to view for only 15 minutes, with a 5 minute buffer before the next group goes in), we went to the Panda cafe for lunch.  The restaurant is not crowded as it was before lunch and only paid visitors (with the admission ticket for the pandas enclosure) can come in.

panda bun (red bean bun)

panda cappucino (which is so bland)

After visiting the pandas, we visited the rest of the zoo (including watching the elephant show which an elephant pooed, and the rainforest fights back show which the gibbon pooed).

Last visit was to the Fragile Forest where K gets to stroke the smooth fur of a lemur.

It started raining at about 5pm (luckily the motor scooter did not stall) and we quickly left the zoo to go back to AMK for KFC (Janice's request) before going  home. 

It was a very tiring day but K enjoyed it very much (especially when she did not have to walk much) ! :)

Sunday, 2 December 2012

20121201 Caelan' 6th Birthday

Auntie Nancy invited us to Caelan's 6th birthday which was held at the Bedok CC's Rock Climbing.
Mommy and K had not seen this group of friends for months so its a good time to catch up! :)
First, the people played some warm up games with the kids. 
Then, they let the kids start climbing on the small wall inside the air con room.

K fell (when mommy was busy catching up with friends!) and hurt her fingers (Thanks Nancy for consoling that cry baby when mommy was not around!).  But the staff checked and it seemed that nothing was injured.  The fingers did not even swell.  So mommy persuaded K to put on the harness like the rest of the kids so that she can try the wall climbing outside.

There are three walls with different levels of difficulties outisde.  K tried the easiest wall (yellow in colour).

K being guided by the staff

She tried 3 times on the yellow wall and manage to reach the 'mountain' level (there are 4 levels on the yellow wall - slope, hill, mountain and peak).
K managed to climb to 'mountain' level
The kids can give themselves a sticker whenever they reached a particular level
 Caelan's and Ping Heng's daddy even joined in the fun and go for a round at the wall! Bravo! (OK, at this point, K who is sitting next to me asked me to highlight that her daddy did not climb the wall :P)

After that, it was time for singing the birthday song and eating the cake and other yummy food.

Then, last but not least, a group photo for the Dec babies!
(from left) Magdelene, Kathleen, Ping Heng, Denise, Ewan and Caelan the birthday boy
K enjoyed herself very much and mommy enjoyed catching up with the mommies again! :)

Here are some videos to share too! Very noisy as it started raining heavily.