Friday, 19 November 2010

20101118 SSO Baby Prom

Finally managed to get the tickets for the SSO baby prom (thanks S!) which is held at the Esplanade this year.

Here are some pictures to share...

the 3 princesses at the pre-performance party..

Kathleen and Caelan.  Later mommy made Caelan cry....:P

Caelan went up to view the instruments but Kathleen did not manage to follow him and so sit at the edge of the stage instead where mommy was....
 When we left, we saw Irene and Sophia in the queue for the next performance.  Hi *wave*!!!

Kathleen is so happy with her balloon that she posed with it everywhere and place them on shoes and pretend to take pictures.  Future advertising executive? :P
 All in all, an OK performance.  The children did not enjoy as much as we have expected but the mommies have fun catching up during lunch. :)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

20101115 Happy 4th Birthday!!!!

Whew!!!!!!  Its finally over!

It all started that she wanted a Barney cake.... but Prima Deli encountered one problem after another (machine down, icing material not available) and therefore no Barney Cake!

Daddy got her a Dora cake instead, thanks to eCreative!

choosing her birthday cake from Prima Deli catalogue...

The Dora cake...nice!

posing with the female classmates

and the male classmates..gosh..half the class is missing!

And this year... she managed to blow out the candles on her own! Good job! :)

cutting the cake....

enjoying the cake with her friends with Dora paper plates...

taking a picture with daddy who took  leave to deliver the cake and join in the celebration

doing  her sand art which is one of the 2 gifts in the goodie bag.  The other one is a magnetic photo frame.
Happy Birthday little girl! :)

Monday, 1 November 2010

20101031 Halloween

Its halloween again, and this year we decided to go the annual free-for-all party at Woodsgrove.

Woodsgrove is a landed property area near the American School and it seems that every year they have a halloween party there.  We are not sure if it is still on this year, but no harm trying!

Kathleen trying out her fairy costume, complete with wings, headband and magic wand!

back view of the wings.
 Kathleen is very excited and keep wearing her costume throughout the whole day.  And even keep waving her magic wand to perform magic (such as making herself and mommy disappear from the house!).

Uncle Levin drove us to the place, but the traffic jam starts 2 streets away so we have to drop off early!

The kids posing - fairy, princess fairy, a wizard with a horse and a knight.  Janice is so good she filled up her pumpkin goodie bag with all kinds of sweets pretty fast!
The event is even bigger than we expected.  There are lots of children and adults all dressed up as devils, ghosts, etc.  Kathleen is easy the shortest person there but luckily the people are very orderly and there is hardly any pushing or jostling.

Many of the participants are very creative. For example, there is one with a robe taller than himself, with a Scream mask on top and his real face is placed with drawings of 2 hands cradling it as if his head was decapitated!  And another group of ladies who are jellyfishes (see one of the pictures below).

There are many households along the few streets that form woodsvale and many of them decorated their houses with cobwebs and ghosts, and many of the households distributed sweets through the gate or simply opened the gate and welcome everyone into the porch to get the sweets!  And we can see that some of them did not sting on the quality and the quantity of the sweets though they are distributing it mostly to people that they don't know.  And of course, many of their houses are very big and beautiful.

 The kids learnt to be thick skinned to queue up for sweets and to say Trick or Treat (although most people simple said Happy Halloween).  The 2 younger kids - charlie and kathleen , are very happy that those 3 magic words will provide them with sweets!

After a while, both Charlie and Kathleen found their costume too cumbersome and took them off and their mommies end up wearing the costumes! Kathleen even misplaced her magic wand but she is alright after mommy told her that she can continue to weave magic without her wand.
Kathleen asking for 'treats'.  This lady asked her to give her a hug before she will dispense the sweets and the usually shy girl did!
 As night falls, si yee yee distributed glow sticks so that we can spot one another easier in the dark with so many people....

Creative group of ladies who tagged stings of bubble wraps to their transparent umbrellas to as as jellyfishes.  They even have bubble guns to simulate water bubbles.
The familes are very enthusiatic about Halloween, especially the kids.  Many households have the kids distributing sweets while the parents are hiding in the background.  There was a family which the 2 daughters climbed on top of the pillars next to the main gate to distribute sweets to the passerbys.  And the scariest of all is this man who acted as a tang kee (chinese medium) and it is so scary especially when we visited that household when the sky is already dark.

Yuan yuan and Janice's favourite? Must be the family who threw sweets into the air for everyone to grab! :P

After walking for about an hour, the kids are getting tired and its getting too crowded, so we decided to go to Causeway Point for dinner.

Waited for very long for the feeder bus but then managed to board the 2nd bus.  They have dinner at McDonald's before heading for home (Janice and her mommy are going for round 2 near their home though!).

on the bus

Kathleen showing off her loot

A scary looking eyeball sweet which turned out to be marshmallow in a creative wrapper! :)
The kids have fun and we all agreed that we should come again next year! :)

20101009 wedding

On a Saturday evening, mommy and friends made their way to a highly anticipated wedding.  Auntie Pauline is getting married! :)  Most of the pictures turned out blur though...

Kathleen and Cheyanne now know each other as friends.  They don't chit chat about their lives, but insisted on holding hands and strolling slowly (too slow for the adults.. we are late!) along the river bank on the way to the wedding venue, occasionally stealing shy glances at each other or their hands.  So cute!

a group photo with the keondre and the bride who look splendid in her wedding gown
The 3 kids have fun running around the venue (its buffet so its not sit-in-your-seats-till-10pm kind of function) and dancing to the music including those sang via karaoke! :)