Wednesday, 28 January 2009

20090127 CNY 2nd day

Nicole having fun in the playyard....

Kate and Charlie parallel play at 婆婆's place...

Charlie busy posing for the bunch of paparazzi...

Kate having fun with daddy..

20090126 CNY

some pretty shots of Kate in her CNY dress bought by 姑姑

View here for some amaturish shots of the solar eclipse which happened on the same day.

20090125 CNY eve

Went to Sentosa for the annual CNY flower fest...

look at the road leading to the entrance of Sentosa island, quite empty (it was about 11am in the morning).

Kate posing with some flower fest competitions by the schools.

This is by Mee Toh Primary School, where 二姨姨 is working.

Kate enjoying Smoo in front of the portable toilets (mommy is suaku, but she did not realise the portable toilets nowadays are so high tech that they have individual leg pumps for flushing toilet and for water to wash the hands so that the public does not have to dirty their hands).

Papa and Kate at the path leading up the Impiah portion of the flower fest.

Looking back at the view of the beach.

Water fountain...

Kate enjoying the kueh lapis baked by nanny..who can bake almost all CNY goodies except for pak kwa :P

close up of the "绣球"
Ducks made of flowers...

Nowadays Kate likes to put her hand on the escalator hand fails by hook or by crook when she is being carried on the escalator.

look like pencil shavings..ehehehee
Kate at Coffee Bean waiting for lunch to 'appear' before heading home.


Darth Vader with his (her) cape washed white....

p/s mommy simply watched too much star wars...

Saturday, 17 January 2009


playing with stroller fan (which is actually rotating but captured as if it was not by the camera)


"When I grow up.. I want to be a mailman with a stylo messenger bag"

Celeberating yeye's birthday...


Kate playing at IMM's playground. She did not dare to venture to the water play next to the playground...

Caught at home..kate hiding toys underneath the bumper mat!


fun with bubbles at popo's place....