Tuesday, 20 November 2007


20071117 BBQ at da yee yee's place

playing at the playground...

Kate enjoying the carrot cake...


Picture of a 1 year 1 day old toddler :)

Playing with mommy's radio alarm clock. Kate loves the radio. :)


act dey hoping that mommy will not feed her porridge...

naughty baby climbing onto the coffee table without any assistance.



Celebrating Auntie Xiaowen's birthday...
Kate pretending to be part of Keondre's family ..eheheheh

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

20071104 Kate is 2 years old!!!

25th day of the lunar 9th month.

According to the Chinese, a baby is considered as 1 year old when she is born. So one Chinese year later,... she is 2!!!!!!

her birthday cake bought by ye ye and nai nai....

picture of kate in her bath tub after her birthday party... see how it contrast with the picture taken 10 months ago....

20071103 Charlie's bd celebration

waiting for uncle to pick her up to go to cousin Charlie's birthday party