Saturday, 31 May 2014

20140405 River Safari adventure

Me, daddy and mommy went to River Safari, we saw ducks, fishes  and more!(Mommy said she was tired and slept in the car):).
QUACK,QUACK!!!!!!! One, two, three ducks!Let me say ,they 're so cute. 
Wow!Look at it's sharp nose.

Look at it!

Look at the stingray.  It's so long!

The fishes look too small.(we can't even see it that clearly)

This is Jia Jia's menu of the day

There is a panda over there (don't know if it is Jia Jia or Kai Kai)

What a large appetite!

This is a signboard to tell us how the pandas grow :)

Ooga booga booga. What a monkey!

What a black and white fish

It is so dark in here, that tortoise is very dark under the dark lights

Fishes again! :(

A striped fish

I've been here before!

This is so fun! It's like going through a tunnel but end up in the same place.

Boring dugong

The white flowers look so cute!  The flowers look like white ribbons.