Tuesday, 9 June 2015

20150606 - Perth Day 3


Going for the Doing Time Prison Tour

The tour guide Ben showing how new prisoners are searched when they first arrived in Fremantle.

The prison is built by the first convicts to Fremantle using limestone.

See the bucket on the floor?  It's actually a poop bucket.  Fremantle was still using poop buckets up till its closure on 1991! (How would you feel if you need to use that poop bucket?) 

The area for cleaning the poop buckets.

Climbing up the stairs to the second level.

VI has been changed as the prison staff is also 'killing'.

A piano in the chapel in the prison.

This is how a cell looked like in 1860 - 1870.

The cells are subsequently enlarged by breaking down the wall between two cells.

The introduction of 'modern' toiet in the 1960 - 1980 period.  However, the poop bucket was used again when the prison staff realised that the prisoners were using the toilet bowl to concoct chemicals for consumption. 

Paintings painted in the cells by prisoners.

Paintings again.

This is a solitary cell

Daddy in front of solitary cell 1 which is used by the prisoners on the morning before they were hanged.

The tour guide demonstrating how the flogging pole is used.

Ouch! Ouch!

The gallows

Tea break at the Convict Cafe in the Fremantle Prison.

Scones and chocolate milkshake.  Yummy!

The original noose which is in the prison museum.  They also have a table to help them calculate the length of the noose to use based on the prisoner's stature.

Bye bye Fremantle Prison YHA!

On the train back to Perth City from Fremantle.

Yikes! The car is squashed by some trees (don't worry, it's a fake car)!

Late lunch at the Afghan restaurant near Baileys Service Apartment.

The Doing Time tour pictures.

20150605 - Perth Day 2

We are still in the service apartment.  Today, we are leaving for Fremantle.

We are at Perth Station waiting for the train to Fremantle.

We are in the Fremantle train.  This is me sitting on one of the seats.  There are 2 cars for this train.

I am playing a musical instrument in one of the streets of Fremantle.

Our accommodation at Fremantle.  It is the Fremantle YHA which is partly converted from the Fremantle Prison.  Our room number is 313.

On the upper deck of the bunk bed

Read the rules carefully ;P

Outside our room

At the corridor.  Many of the bunk rooms are converted from previous prison cells.

Interesting stories about the Fremantle Prison.


A map showing the CAT bus routes in Fremantle.

At the CAT bus drop off point near to the Fremantle Maritime Museum.

The tour pass for the HMAS Oven 1pm submarine tour.

The submarine.

The volunteer tour guide John told us that the bell was rang whenever a crew became a father, and the child's name engraved onto the bell.

Into the belly of the submarine!

A torpedo tube (for launching torpedos).

The little golden outlets are sources of oxygen.  In the event of a disaster, the crew will connect their own breathing device (tube with yellow regulator in above picture) to the outlets for oxygen and follow the trail of the outlets to the escape point.

Bunk beds for the crew.  The officer have better facilities.  Do you think that the person sleeping on the upper bunk bed is real?  It is not!

Garbage disposal.  Garbage bags are weighted so that they will not rise to the surface immediately to prevent the submarine from being detected by the enemies.

Toilet in the submarine.

Canisters for storing carbon dioxide.  They also have a oxygen generator.  This will enable the submarine to remain underwater for a longer period.
End of submarine tour. 

Daddy and I going one round in the auto revolving door. We also visited the Shipwreck Galleries.

Crossing a railway track on our way to Kaili's for a late tea break (this is very dangerous.  Do not try it!)

Seagulls on the parasol.

A flock of seagulls (someone is feeding them but we are actually not supposed to). 

There is a video of me chasing the seagulls but Mommy did not want to upload it because the free wifi is slow.
Seagull feather

Me and the beautiful sunset

The kitchen at Fremantle Prison YHA.  Mommy loves the 'Free food' corner which allows departing hostelites to share food that they no longer need. 

Pasta for dinner (did you know that we had pasta dinner on the first night too?)