Sunday, 16 October 2011

20111008 DIY cake decoration

Daddy's birthday fell on a weekday this year, and with the opening of the Icing Room near our place, what's a better gift than a self-decorated birthday cake? :)

Told the little gal the surprise I have in mind, and she promptly told her daddy 5 minutes later that we are going to get him a cake.  Can't keep a secret....

We got a vanilla cake, 2 small bags of colourful cream, 3 bigger bags of cream (one with a tip), fish and silver ball decorations, and some cut fruits.

And when we went home, she keep telling daddy that the cake is nicely decorated (ahah.. when it is still supposed to be a surprise).

Simple vanilla cake with fruits in between the layers.  Not bad... and Kathleen now even say she wanted the same thing for her birthday..hahahahha

First.. add the silver balls....

pretending to decorate with the cream... she is not strong enough to squeeze the cream out though

the final touches - the fish



enjoying the cake of her labour :P

Sunday, 9 October 2011

201109 chicken pox!

There was a Friday when the child care was closed, and it was also PC/IT show.

So silly mommy happily thought that she can take leave and bring Kathleen to squeeze with the Friday crowd.

On Thursday night, she saw what look like badly scratched marks on Kathleen's legs.

On Friday night, she saw more marks on the face.  Oh no, better get some cream and clearance from GP before the cc rejects K on Monday, she thought.

And when mommy and K are at the GP, the doctor dropped the bombshell - its chicken pox!!!!!!

No PC/IT show for mommy :(

So for the next 2 weeks, daddy and mommy took leave to take care of K.  Crazy because work is busy, still got to work from home on those days when mommy is not in the office.

Luckily her case is not very serious (and to think the GP gave some anti viral that he claimed will make 'more' come out and 'faster').  But naughty girl cannot stand the itch and scratched every single blister she has (so there goes the GP's advice of knowing when the contagious period is over, which , by right, is when the blisters dried up) (except for one).  And some small 0.5cm blister in diameter becomes 2cm with her constant scratching until mommy had to use plaster on it at night so that she will not scratch it at night.

She also scratched the blisters on her scalp so badly (especially at night) that the pus from the blisters stick all her hair together.  So in the end mommy had to slowly massage her hair during bath time to untangle the mess, and also clip up her hair in bits so that her scalp will not be damp.  Luckily the cream given by the GP on the 2nd visit helps for her scalp too.

After 2 weeks, she finally got clearance to go back to school. Yipee!

And popo even report that after she came back to her place after 2 weeks, she told popo affectionally "popo, wo ai ni" (popo, i love you) which of course makes popo very happy! :)