Saturday, 21 May 2016

21/5/2016 Alive Museum

Today, we went to the Alive Museum. 
How do you feel if you were in the middle of the circle?

Oh!Daddy thinks he's a king!

Ha,ha!Daddy's head is in the toilet,with a dog peeing on top of him.:P

A mermaid in the museum?
Just joking.
Dance in the disco room!
H-help!I'm going to fall!
Me and daddy,on a trishaw.
Swim with the merlion.
Hey! Where's my head?
Down the waterfall!
Cycling on a bike.

Head and leg. Where's the body?

A giraffe asking for food.
 Penguins and water coming out.Oh no!

Dancing like a ballerina.
Bathing under the merlion.

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