Sunday, 16 August 2015

20150610 - Perth Day 7

Today, we went to Yanchep National Park.

This used to be a jetty for boats.  But the water level has dropped to such a low level.

Having a picnic at the park.  Chicken pies are yummy!

These birds were eyeing our food throughout our picnic.  Once we were gone, they flow to the ground and ate the crumbs.

We went to the crystal cave after our picnic.

Stalactites formed from dripping water.  It takes thousands of years to form. 

This used to be a riverbed, but the dwindling rainfall and increased demand for water means that the riverbed has dried up.  This affects the ecosystem of the cave.

Staircase leading to the exit
Next, we went to the koala area which we could see koala on the trees.  Can you see the koala in this picture?
Having dinner at a Thai restaurant in the city

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