Saturday, 21 May 2016

21/5/2016 Alive Museum

Today, we went to the Alive Museum. 
How do you feel if you were in the middle of the circle?

Oh!Daddy thinks he's a king!

Ha,ha!Daddy's head is in the toilet,with a dog peeing on top of him.:P

A mermaid in the museum?
Just joking.
Dance in the disco room!
H-help!I'm going to fall!
Me and daddy,on a trishaw.
Swim with the merlion.
Hey! Where's my head?
Down the waterfall!
Cycling on a bike.

Head and leg. Where's the body?

A giraffe asking for food.
 Penguins and water coming out.Oh no!

Dancing like a ballerina.
Bathing under the merlion.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

20150807 - East Coast cycling and bowling

We have a 4-day long weekend due to the SG50 public holiday on Friday and the National Day off-in-lieu on Monday.

On Friday, we decided to go to East Coast Park so that I could learn how to cycle.  It took me just 15 minutes to learn how to cycle!

In the evening, we went to po po's place for dinner.  This was followed by a bowling session at the Orchid Country Club.

Charlie and I holding blue bowling balls

20150716 - Singin' in the Rain

Today, we went to Marina Bay Sands at Bayfront Station to watch Singin' In The Rain.

I enjoyed the show especially when it was raining live on stage!

20150612 - Perth Day 12

On the last day, we went for some shopping and then it was time to go to the airport.

Perth International Airport's viewing area.

On the plane.  It was a night flight, and Kathleen had her new boots on.
We enjoyed our holiday very much and wished that we could go again!

20150611 - Perth Day 8

Today, we drove 2 hours south to Donnybrook for an apple picking adventure!

This is a real dandelion.  Kathleen learnt how to blow a dandelion. 

There were many rows of apple trees in the farm.  We were taught to pluck the apples the correct way, by turning it anti-clockwise over the branch.
Selfie! We are allowed to eat the apples on the spot too.

Red and juicy

Daddy holding our harvest

A stroll in the farm
While the apples have to be plucked manually, there is a machine that can help to sort them by their sizes.

An apple peeling machine that skinned the apple and removed its core.

We went to a playground in Donnybrook after visiting the farm.

20150610 - Perth Day 7

Today, we went to Yanchep National Park.

This used to be a jetty for boats.  But the water level has dropped to such a low level.

Having a picnic at the park.  Chicken pies are yummy!

These birds were eyeing our food throughout our picnic.  Once we were gone, they flow to the ground and ate the crumbs.

We went to the crystal cave after our picnic.

Stalactites formed from dripping water.  It takes thousands of years to form. 

This used to be a riverbed, but the dwindling rainfall and increased demand for water means that the riverbed has dried up.  This affects the ecosystem of the cave.

Staircase leading to the exit
Next, we went to the koala area which we could see koala on the trees.  Can you see the koala in this picture?
Having dinner at a Thai restaurant in the city

Sunday, 9 August 2015

20150609 - Perth Day 6

Today, we rented a car and drove to Caversham Wildlife Park.

Bob tailed lizard

An owl which is awake during the day


Daddy ducking his head so that he would not touch the eucalyptus leaves as the leaves would be contaminated if touched and the koalas will not eat them. Picky koalas!

Kangaroo with too much food

White kangaroo!

Feeding a white kangaroo

The duck was trying to eat the kangaroo feed.  Daddy said to feed the ducks and not the kangaroos.  I don't know why.